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Over the last few years we have organised activities and events bringing communities together, mostly on or around International Women’s Day. Our plans for IWD 2019 are our most ambitious yet! We are commissioning a film celebrating older women and the important part they have played in the pottery industry, alongside young people and apprentices in the industry today. 


On 8th March we have an event Bound by Clay at Spode in Stoke and we are thrilled to announce our guest speaker is Kate Malone the celebrated artisan potter who has helped to put Stoke-on-Trent back on the map with the Great Pottery Throw Down. Additionally, we will showcase artisan potters and the tremendous

opportunities available through Clay College.  We also hope to publish a book containing 100 Anecdotes from the women.
Anyone who has been to our previous events will know that we work hard to make them a success and we truly hope for your help to make this one our best ever.


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If you want to see what are ambitions are for the film visit  Women in Ceramics Go Fund Me Pag


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Celebrating IWD 2019

Bound by Clay

A celebration of Women in Ceramics

Evening 8th March

Spode Stoke

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